• Mini/Tack Brands

    Check out our Custom Cast Mini Brands which are manufactured from the approved brand artwork. The mini-brands are used hot to mark boots, hats, saddles, chaps, furniture and any other wood or leather surface desired. They also make the most functional steak brands you can find anywhere period.

    Josh pouring red brass for freeze brands


    The Mini-Brands from Pittsburg Foundry are cast from the same copper alloy as our freeze brands. They are typically constructed in about a 1" over all thickness from front to back and are a maximum of 2". Because of the type of material and the mass of the construction you will find that the brands have a surprising ability to retain heat and to distribute heat uniformly across the face of the brand for a uniform and clear mark. We even do what we call a "micro" brand which is normally 1/2 the size of a mini brand (around 1"). Copper alloys are an absolute necessity for freeze branding, but they are a real luxury for use as a hot brand.

    Custom 1 inch mini freeze brand

    Size & Costs

    The brand will be between 1" and 2" tall depending on the end user's wishes and the amount of detail in the brand. These little brands generally have a 1/8" face width. Most Mini-Brands are $60 if ordered alone or $50 if ordered in conjunction with a full size brand. All mini-brands include a steel handle.


    *Prices listed above are starting prices. A quote will be given upon request*

  • **We email drawings of all the brands with dimensions before they are manufactured, no refund will be issued for custom items that have been approved once they have been manufactured**


    **if there is a problem with your order or something is missing we must be notified within 30 days of purchase.**


    **If a stock item (number set, alphabet set, form, or symbol) needs to be returned, we must be notified within 30 days of purchase and a 10% restocking fee will be charged**