• Freeze Brands

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  • About Freeze Branding

    Our freeze brands are some of the highest quality brands and can be used on horses, cattle, and dogs. Check out our gallery or Facebook page for even more branding result images!

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    More Humane

    Freeze branding is less painful to the animal, actually killing the hair follicle, causing the hair to grow back white. For fully white animals, hold the brand on longer to achieve a bald brand.

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    Variety of Placements

    People choose to brand their horses on the cheek, hip, or shoulder just depending on their personal preference. Cheek brands tend to need to be smaller than hip or shoulder brands.

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    Increased Detail

    Freeze branding allows for more detail and cleaner results than traditional hot branding. If you're unsure about whether or not your design is too detailed, we are always ready to help.

  • Sizing and Prices

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    Pricing is based mainly off of size, but can be affected for High Detail designs

    Pricing for out custom freeze brands is:


    4" and smaller sizes - $125.
    Larger than 4" up to 5" - $135

    Larger than 5" up to 6" - $145


    Steel handles are included with each branding iron. You pay nothing until you approve the computer-generated artwork (unless ordering through our website). Your brand will match the computer generated artwork in every way within a few thousandths of an inch!


    Designs with a higher amount of detail than normal require special tool work and will be priced differently. These are not designs that are typically recommended for good consistent branding results.

  • Construction

    The Basics

    Our freeze Brands are cast from Red Brass with slightly rounded faces and corners to prevent the brand from cutting into the animal during the branding process.


    The most common difficulty faced with freeze branding and hot branding is attempting to get too much detail (too many letters or symbols) in the area. Freeze branding CAN produce some outstanding and detailed images, but we recommend keeping it simple for consistency and for the best chance of good results on your very first brand. It is often easier to manufacture a complex iron than it is to get good results on the animal from a complex image

    Sizing Recommendations - Horses

    We like to recommend a minimum character height of about 2 inches for horses. A 1/4" face is the typical thickness for freeze branding horses. The most common overall size brand for mature horses is a 4" brand, but some of that sizing depends on preference. We also often sell anything from 3"-5" for use on horses.

    Sizing Recommendations - Cattle

    We like to recommend a minimum character height of about 3 inches for mature cattle. A 3/48" face is the typical thickness for freeze branding cattle. The most common overall size brand for mature cattle is a 5" brand. We also often see 5.5" or 6" brands for cattle.

  • Inquire With Us Today!

    Have an image on your phone or computer? Use are online form to send it to us right now! If you have an Idea but cant put it into words. Use our design tool, or print out our order form. We are here to help you get the best brand possible. You can also take a look at our Design Guidelines to help guide you in
    designing a successful brand.