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    Different Custom Freeze Brands


    Freeze Brands are cast from Red Brass. Faces are slightly rounded. We like to recommend a minimum character height of about 2 inches for horses or 3 inches for cattle. 1/4" face width is most typical for horses. The most common difficulty faced with freeze branding and hot branding is attempting to get too much detail (too many letters or symbols) in the area. Freeze branding CAN produce some outstanding and detailed images, but we recommend keeping it simple for consistency and for the best chance of good results on your very first brand. It is often easier to manufacture a complex iron than it is to get good results on the animal from a complex image

    Custom Freeze Brand on a Horse

    Size & Cost

    Note: For branding cattle we recommend 5" brand with 3/8" face. For horses we recommend 4" with 1/4 face.

    Custom freeze brands are currently priced at $95 for 4" and smaller sizes. Brands larger than 4" but within 5" are priced at $105. Brands larger than 5" but within 6" are priced at $115. Steel handles are included with each branding iron.


    *Prices listed above are starting prices. A quote will be given upon request*

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