• Fire Brands


    Fire Heated Branding Iron Includes permanently attached handle with heat shield.
    These branding irons are cast from a unique copper alloy, Aluminum Bronze, with superior high-temp properties. They are designed and manufactured to include "breaks" or "vents" at intersecting lines to prevent blotching.

    Size & Cost

    Note: A typical catt​le brand would be made up from 2-1/2" to 3-1/2" tall characters.

    Custom fire heated brands are currently priced accordingly. Brands up to 4" are priced at $105. Brands over 4" and up to 5" are priced at $115. Brands over 5" and up to 6" are priced ta $125. Brands over 6" will be custom priced based on the design. Fire brands include a permanently attached handle and heat shield.

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