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    Our high quality wood branding irons are machined out of brass and get great results. The brands are sturdy at almost 1/2" thick and will last for years as long as they are not overheated. These milled brands can be used to brand wood, leather and other miscellaneous items and are perfect for signature brands or woodworking! Our wood brands custom made using our very own CNC Metal Mill. The milled option will allow for much more detail and smaller sizes. Prices start as low as $65 for a 1" x 1" square .Inquire with us about a milled brand today to receive a free quote!
    These detailed brands are perfect for wood branding irons and can fit a surprising amount of detail. Take a look at some of the result pictures woodworkers have sent us below or find us n Instagram or Facebook to see more. Our wood brands can be heated over an open fire or with a small propane torch. We also sell American Beauty electric handles meant for use with the wood brands that are priced separately from the brand itself. Email us to get a quote and more information on the handles we offer.
    If you're unsure whether your design will work as a wood brand at a certain size, send us an email with the design you are wanting and the size you would like and we will check to see if it is something we can manufacture. We will also offer tips and suggestions on how to change the design slightly to get better results or to make it something we can manufacture. Brands with large amounts of detail may be subject to deposits to receive a CAD drawing, but all quotes before receiving a CAD drawing are free.

    Check out our Custom Milled Brands below!

    custom wood brand

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